Welcome back, me.

So after reinstalling my server, and thus wiping all my remote repositories, I came to the conclusion that backups are important. Good thing I have them.

But re-uploading my old webpage made me cringe a little. It was a mess. Loading all content with AJAX and calling a page.php with get parameters. Yuck. That’s one backup I wouldn’t have minded to lose.


Thankfully, that’s over now. Jekyll has replaced my old, horrible creation.


With this new ‘backbone’ it’s also easier to add new pages quickly. I hope this results in more posts from me and therefore making it worthwile to stay on this page longer than a few seconds.


A series I teased a years ago, when my ‘website’ was still a regular wordpress blog, was named “Reversing The Weak”. Security and cryptography are two of my most favorite subjects in the vast blob of computers and networks. The idea was, and still is, to teach myself reverse engineering by picking apart malware. Starting with simple .NET binaries, which you can easily disassemble, to more sophisticated malware in the future.

Another series I have in mind is something along the lines of “How Not To Develop Software”. Everyone can teach themselves programming. But just because you can write a website, a library or even a client-server application, doesn’t immediately mean it’s any good. Having developed a number of software in my company, I’d like to believe I know how to spot bad practices, over-engineered architectures and just plain horrible implementations. As a bonus; a certain industrial ‘machine-to-machine’ communication protocol I had to evaluate at work has seriously driven me off the edge. But that’s due for a later post.


I think that’s enough for the second rebirth of my website.


For now, I won’t republish my old articles on here. I scrolled through them but I don’t see any good reason to. Either it’s not really interesting or poorly written. Most of the time, it’s both.